Nuclear Architecture: On the Way from Structure to Function

Prof. Dr. Thomas Cremer, LMU Biozentrum, Martinsried

Our HPI seminar speaker on 18th of April at the Heinrich-Pette-Institut, Prof. Dr. Thomas Cremer, has pioneered research on the architecture of the cell and made many discoveries such as chromosome territories, to name only one. He is currently the director of the institute of anthropology and human genetics and full professor at the University Munich. His major research topics since 1983 are the development and application of molecular and cytogenetic techniques for elucidation of cellular structure and functions. His latest breakthrough studies on the functional architecture of the cell nucleus as evident from the analysis of the structure of chromosomes, chromosome territories, interchromatin domains as well as dynamic interactions of chromatin with other nuclear components will be reported. Finally he may present also novel data on the development of a Gene Positioning System (GePS). For more details see the following web-sites: