Structural Aspects of Target Recognition and a New Concept for the Delivery of siRNA

Prof. Dr. Georg Sczakiel Inst. für Molekulare Medizin, Universität Lübeck

Prof. Georg Sczakiel, our speaker on June 15th, 10a.m. c.t., chairs the Institut für Molekulare Medizin at the University of Lübeck. Georg Sczakiel is a well known expert in the field of antisense nucleic acids. His interests focus on structure-function relationship of antisense-oligonucleotides and antisense-RNA. Antisense nucleic acids chosen by chance are frequently not very efficient. This hampers their application in vivo and their use in medical therapy. Georg Sczakiel and his colleagues have developed computer assisted algorithms to increase the biological efficiency of antisense nucleic acids. Secondly, they look for procedures to increase the uptake of antisense nucleic acids into the nucleus.

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  • Lehmann MJ, Patzel V, Sczakiel G.
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Heike Helmbold