LIV Instiute Seminar Liste

12. LIV Institute seminar: The dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 nsp7-11 polyprotein processing // Finding HCMV virions in infected cells using Machine Learning

Dienstag, 28. März 2023 - 09:30

Kira Schamoni-Kast (Uetrecht lab)

Joseph Beton (Topf lab)


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium/Zoom

10. LIV Intitute Seminar: Using STAR technology to clone full-length rodent CMV genomes // Endogenous retrovirus expression profiles in T lymphocytes and HIV infection

Dienstag, 14. März 2023 - 09:30

Laura Staliunaite (Brune lab)

Martin Hamann (Lange lab)


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand- Bergen-Auditorium /Zoom

8. LIV Institute Seminar: Deciphering the Virus-Host interactions of Flavivirus Non-Structural Protein 4B // cancelled: Structural analysis of the interaction of the herpes simplex virus 1 terminase with secondary DNA structures

Dienstag, 28. Februar 2023 - 09:30

Sreejith Rajasekharan (Scaturro lab)

Alice Grün (Uetrecht lab)- cancelled


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium/Zoom

7. LIV Institute Seminar: Study of the formation and composition of adenovirus Replication Compartments // STAR cloning of KSHV from PELs reveals genetic aberrations within KSHV episomes of EBV-co-infected PELs

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2023 - 09:30

Paloma Hidalgo (Dobner lab)

Jan Knickmann (Brune lab)


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium/Zoom

6. LIV Institute Seminar: cancelled: Disturbing lipid metabolism impairs viral replication // Structural insights on Herpesvirus assembly in the host nucleus

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2023 - 09:30

Zoe Schmal (Gabriel lab)- cancelled-

Yuliia Mironova (Grünewald lab)


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium /Zoom

5. LIV Institute Seminar: Unravelling the role of LDs in the host antiviral innate immune defense // cancelled

Dienstag, 07. Februar 2023 - 09:30

Laura Weber (Vieyres lab)

Marcel Schie (Grünewald)- cancelled-


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium/Zoom

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