The Leibniz Institute of Virology (LIV) is committed to providing accessibility to its website in accordance with the national legislation implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council. For this reason, the LIV designs its web presence to be largely accessible under the given conditions and uses all possibilities offered by the content management program used (in this case: Typo3).

The tasks of the LIV as Leibniz Institute of Virology are highly scientific. Accordingly, the language of the LIV is a scientific language. The target audience of the LIV website comprises members of the scientific and research community. Accordingly, the contents of the LIV website are mainly aimed at a very specific professional audience. These contents (scientific texts and graphics, etc.) can in principle not completely fulfill the requirements of accessibility. Therefore, the LIV asks everyone who encounters such barriers for understanding.



This declaration on accessibility applies to the website of the Leibniz Institute of Virology (LIV).

As a public body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we make every effort to make our website barrier-free accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Hamburg Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons Act (hereinafter referred to as HmbBGG) and the Hamburg Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as HmbBITVO) implementing Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Status of conformity with the requirements 

The requirements of accessibility result from paragraph 1 HmbBITVO in connection with paragraph 3 (1) to (4) and paragraph 4 of the Federal BITV, which was issued on the basis of paragraph 11 HmbBGG.

The review of compliance with the requirements is based on a self-assessment carried out on 21.09.2020 (with the support of an external agency).

As a result of the review, the website is partially or totally incompatible with the aforementioned requirements due to the following incompatibilities.

Non-accessible contents

The contents listed below are not accessible to all users for the following reasons.

In particular, the following success criteria are currently not met according to the BITV 2.0 standard:

·       Contrasts of graphics and graphic control elements are not sufficient

·       Contrasts of texts are not sufficient

·       No restriction on screen orientation

·       Contents do not wrap

·       HTML structure elements for lists are not implemented

·       Areas can not be skipped

·       Name, role, value not available

·       Status messages not programmatically available

·       Visible labeling not part of the accessible name

·       No error detection

·       No help with errors

·       No correct syntax

The redesign of the website is planned as a measure to achieve accessibility for the year 2022 and should be completed by mid 2023.

Creation of this declaration on accessibility

This declaration was issued on 21.09.2020 and last updated on 09.05.2022.

This declaration was created by means of a self-assessment with the support of an external agency.

The declaration was last reviewed on 09.05.2022.

Feedback and contact details

You would like to inform us about existing accessibility barriers or ask for information about the implementation of accessibility? For your feedback and all further information please contact our responsible contact persons:


Leibniz Institute of Virology (LIV)

Building N63

Martinistraße 52

20251 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 48051-0
Mail: liv(at)


Dr. Franziska Ahnert-Michel

Leibniz Institute of Virology (LIV)

Building N63

Martinistraße 52

20251 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 48051-108
Mail: presse(at)

Conciliation procedures

If no satisfactory solution has been found even after your feedback to the above-mentioned contact, you can turn to the conciliation office according to paragraph 13 a HmbBGG. The arbitration board has the task of supporting an extrajudicial settlement of disputes between people with disabilities and public authorities in the case of conflicts concerning accessibility. The conciliation procedure is free of charge. It is not necessary to call in legal counsel.

At present, the ombudsman's office of the Senate Chancellery is taking over the activities of the conciliation office, which is still to be set up.

You can reach the ombudsman's office at: ombudsstelle.barrierefreieit(at)

Telephone consultation hours:

Phone (040) 428 23 2057

Monday 10.00am – 11.00am