Awards and Honours

Konjetzny Award 2006 from the Hamburg Cancer Society goes to two HPI scientists.

Thursday, 07. December 2006

Dr. Daniel Speidel, scientist at HPI and Dr. Wolfgang Deppert, director of the department for tumor virology at HPI, received the Georg-Ernst-Konjetzny award 2006 bestowed by the Hamburg Cancer Society for their studies on the selective influence of the tumor suppressor p53 on cell damage, which, for example, occur within the frame of chemical or radiation therapy. Professor Dr. Zander, vice-chairman of the Hamburg Cancer society and director at the department for bone marrow transplantation at the Hamburg University Hospital (UKE) presented the award at UKE Erika-House auditorium on December 7th at 4:30 pm.

The HPI scientists shared the 10,000 Euro award with PD Dr. (of medicine) Katrin Lamszus (clinic for neural surgery at UKE).