Human adenovirus: promising target for treatment identified

Monday, 20. September 2021

Results published in Science Immunology

Influenza during pregnancy predisposes offspring to increased susceptibility to infection

Monday, 16. August 2021

Results published in Nature Communications

HPI positively evaluated as Leibniz institution

Monday, 05. July 2021

The funding of the HPI as a Leibniz institution will be continued

Decision for name change

Friday, 09. April 2021

Reappraisal of Heinrich Pette's work during the National Socialist era

New insights into the replication-transcription complex of coronaviruses

Wednesday, 03. March 2021

Results published in the renowned journal Science Advances

HPI and UKE introduce systematic early surveillance system with support from the city of Hamburg

Tuesday, 16. February 2021

Alliance for the early detection of coronavirus mutants in Hamburg

Top appointment together with the UKE: New Research Department "Integrative Virology" at the Heinrich Pette Institute

Tuesday, 10. November 2020

Prof. Maya Topf and her Research Department complement the research spectrum of the HPI since October 2020

Herpes viruses: New insights into the fusion process upon entry into the host cell

Monday, 28. September 2020

Results published in the renowned journal Science Advanced

SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in German meat processing plant: Transmissions took place over long distances in air-conditioned working area

Thursday, 23. July 2020

Study on SARS-CoV-2 clusters in Germany's largest meat processing complex

Male hormones promote excessive immune reaction

Wednesday, 15. July 2020

Testosterone overactivates the innate immune system