HPI Research Department head Prof. Marcus Altfeld receives ERC Advanced Grant

Wednesday, 01. April 2020

European Research Council funds project on natural killer cells

HPI and UKE: Together against HIV

Friday, 29. November 2019

BWFG, BMBF and EKFS support interdisciplinary study with about 8.7 million euros

2019 DZIF Prizes for Translational Infection Research awarded

Thursday, 21. November 2019

HPI Research Department Head Prof. Gülşah Gabriel Awarded DZIF Prize for Translational Infection Research

Identification of a direct interaction between NK cells and a subset of HLA class II molecules

Monday, 29. July 2019

Previously unknown interaction suggests role of HLA class II molecules as regulators of innate immune responses

The GlaxoSmithKline Foundation's "Clinical Research 2019" Science Award goes to HPI Researcher

Thursday, 04. July 2019

Dr. Stephanie Stanelle-Bertram honored for her achievements in Zika research

Nobel Laureate in Medicine Prof. Tasuku Honjo comes to Hamburg at the invitation of the Heinrich Pette Institute

Wednesday, 26. June 2019

Japanese immunologist holds keynote speech at the Erika Haus

Focus on pathogen-induced compartments

Wednesday, 03. April 2019

New Leibniz ScienceCampus InterACt under the auspices of the Heinrich Pette Institute, Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology and the Universität Hamburg

Infant infections: Development of the immune system in the gut of children

Thursday, 28. February 2019

Immune cells equipped to eliminate cells infected with viruses are present in the guts of children already at birth

Zika virus infection: Clinically inapparent newborns can also suffer from long-term health impairments

Monday, 10. September 2018

Male offspring born to mildly ZIKV-infected mice are at risk of developing neurocognitive disorders in adulthood