New research network investigates hormone-regulated inflammatory pathways after influenza infection

Thursday, 23. February 2023

FLU-FLAME consortium: Innovative approaches in antiviral therapy

Influenza virus infection can attack the hormonal axis and lead to severe disease progression with potentially long-lasting consequences. The FLU-FLAME consortium will systematically study the impact of clinically approved drugs that interfere with hormone-regulated pathways with respect to improve influenza outcome. The interdisciplinary research network is led by Prof. Dr. Gülşah Gabriel (LIV, TiHo) and Prof. Dr. Franziska Richter Assêncio (TiHo) and further supported by the life science company Evotec SE. The FLU-FLAME initiative is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation with 700.000 €.

Prof. Dr. Gabriel (LIV, TiHo; Credits: Gisela Köhler), Prof. Dr. Richter Assêncio (TiHo; Credits: Sonja von Brethorst), Antoine Alam, Ph.D. (Evotec SE, Credits: private)

Scientific Contact:

Prof. Dr. Gülşah Gabriel, LIV, TiHo

Phone: 040/48051-315

Prof. Dr. Franziska Richter Assêncio, TiHo

Phone: 0511/953-8720