LIV exterior view

The LIV - a member of the Leibniz Association

The LIV is a Leibniz Institute of national standing dedicated to research in the field of experimental virology. Following the aims and statutes of the foundation, its basic and applied research focuses on human pathogenic viruses that impact current and future public health. The institute applies basic experimental research to develop new approaches for contemporary treatments of viral infections such as AIDS, influenza and hepatitis but also of emerging viral diseases. The LIV’s research covers the most critical global viral pathogens that cause the most infections worldwide and over three million deaths annually. Some of these viruses are also closely linked with the development of (cancerous) tumors in humans and are to a certain extent ideally suited as tools and models for identifying and understanding basic cell biological and virological processes. As such, LIVs basic research in virology reaches far beyond the character of the associated diseases.

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