Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB)

The Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) is an interdisciplinary research initiative in which scientists from ten different university and non-university institutions work together to investigate complex processes and interactions between pathogens and their hosts and to discover targets for novel active substances, anti-infectives and vaccines. 


The CSSB research building is located next to the PETRA III experimental hall on the Bahrenfeld campus, thus giving researchers at the CSSB access to light and X-ray sources (FLASH, European-XFEL), thereby offering a unique setting for structural and systems biology in Europe.

The LIV has established two research departments and two associated groups at the CSSB to anchor access to systems and structural biology questions. This new and unique link between basic experimental research in molecular virology and highly engineered structural and systems virology enables a completely new understanding of the molecular causes of virus-related diseases. At the same time, it offers new approaches to analyze therapeutic measures within these systems holistically, with extremely high spatial as well as temporal resolution.


CSSB-Centre for Structural Systems Biology