Leibniz Research Networks (LFV)

The LIV has participated in thePharmaceutical Agent Research and BiotechnologyLeibniz Research Networks (LFV) since 2012. The inter- and transdisciplinary research network has four research areas and its investigations include the development of natural active agents and the analysis of their activity spectra. Together with other Leibniz Institutes, the LIV will examine the agents’ antiviral properties.

Logo Leibniz Research Networks (LFV)

Furthermore, the LIV is a member of the Leibniz-Leibniz Research Networks (LFV) INFECTIONS to study the spread of antimicrobial resistant microbes in an increasingly urbanized society. Through a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative research agenda, long-term synergies will be developed to advance current knowledge, contribute to the development of countermeasures, and provide policy recommendations.