Foundation of the Children’s Cancer Center Hamburg

The LIV is linked to the Foundation of the Children’s Cancer Center Hamburg by a cooperation contract based on a public-private partnership. The foundation has an independent research institute for paediatric haematology and oncology on the second floor of House 1 at the LIV.

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Both establishments – the LIV and the Children’s Cancer Center – share large instruments to reduce infrastructure costs. Besides sharing and co-financing a FACS machine, the Children’s Cancer Center Hamburg provided one of the three high-throughput sequencing machines for the Next Generation Sequencing technology platform. The foundation’s research institute also works together with the LIV in public relations, for example in staging the ‘Science Night’ event as well as for school open days.


Foundation of the Children's Cancer Center Hamburg
Building N21 – UKE 
Martinistraße 52 
20246 Hamburg

Phone: 040 25 60 70 
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