University of Hamburg (UHH)

The LIV has cooperated with the University of Hamburg(UHH) in teaching and academic training for the last 20 years. The collaboration of the LIV and the UHH’s Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Sciences (MIN Faculty) is governed by cooperation agreements. Scientific staff of the LIV is involved in the university’s courses and appraisal systems.

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Since 2011 the LIV and UHH have been involved in constructing the CSSB on the science campus in Bahrenfeld, a district of Hamburg. In this interdisciplinary research center, ten different research departments from university and non-university institutions will investigate complex processes of infection with a systems biology approach. The future CSSB building will be located next to the PETRA III experimental hall and will give CSSB scientists access to Light and X-ray radiation sources (FLASH, European-XFEL), which are unique in Europe and offer unique conditions for structural and systems biology.

The LIV and the UHH established the Structural Cell Biology of Virusesresearch department at the CSSB. The research department studies the structural biology of viral infection processes. With the new research teams at the CSSB the LIV will solidify its access to systems and structural biology studies. Sharing the CSSB’s infrastructures will promote the LIV’s collaborations with regional and national partner institutes as well as large research associations.


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