The HPI's Board of Directors, from left to right: Prof. Wolfram Brune, Katja Linke, Prof. Thomas Dobner, Meike Alisch

Board of Directors

The LIV is led by an executive board consisting of the scientific and administrative directors advised by two deputy directors. The office of the scientific director and his or her deputy is usually run by a department head in five-year cycles. Both positions are proposed by the scientific council and appointed by the supervisory board.

Comprehensive amendments in 2011 strengthened the position of the scientific director and gave the deputy scientific director voting rights. The scientific director has policy-making power and the majority vote for disputed issues. The deputy administrative director has an advisory role, but no voting rights in board meetings. The board has its own rules of procedure and meets weekly.

The consolidated leadership by the LIV’s scientific and administrative directors accelerates decision making processes and clearly defines its public front.