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hpi tuesday seminar: The role of testosterone in respiratory infections

Tuesday, 15. December 2020 - 09:30

Berfin Schaumburg (PhD - Gabriel lab)

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hpi tuesday webinar: Inhibition of the AIM2 inflammasome and pyroptosis by murine cytomegalovirus // Structural approach to characterise LT – DNA binding

Tuesday, 08. December 2020 - 09:30

Yingqi Deng (PhD student - Brune lab)

Veronika Brinschwitz (PhD student - Grundhoff/Fischer lab)

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hpi tuesday seminar: Viral membrane assembly proteins of Vaccinia virus // Structural analysis of CaV1.2 mediated PM-ER contacts

Tuesday, 01. December 2020 - 09:30

Emmanuelle Quemin (Postdoc - Grünewald lab)

Karin Ruban (PhD - Grünewald lab)

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hpi tuesday webinar: The influence of E1B-55K SUMOylation on transcriptional regulation and cellular transformation

Tuesday, 24. November 2020 - 09:30

Laura Seddar (PhD student - Dobner lab)

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hpi tuesday webinar: Liver organoids as a model system to study immune cell recognition of HBV-infected hepatocyte // Visualising the dynamic inner membrane complex in Plasmodium falciparum

Tuesday, 17. November 2020 - 09:30

Annika Niehrs (Postdoc - Altfeld lab)

Josie Ferreira (Postdoc - Grünefeld lab)

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hpi tuesday webinar: Role of HLA-F in the antiviral hepatic immune response

Tuesday, 10. November 2020 - 09:30

Sébastien Brias (PhD student - Altfeld lab)

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hpi tuesday webinar: // Role of NCR/HLA-class II interactions in regulation of immune responses

Tuesday, 03. November 2020 - 09:30

Thomas Zahn (PhD student - Gabriel lab)

Benedetta Padoan (PhD student - Altfeld lab)

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hpi tuesday seminar: Antiviral immunity in congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Tuesday, 20. October 2020 - 09:30

Luis Fonseca Brito (PhD student - Brune lab)

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hpi tuesday webinar: Interaction of SARS-CoV2-Orf6 with the nuclear import machinery // Spatiotemporal control of latent KSHV assembly and maturation

Tuesday, 13. October 2020 - 09:30

Martin Zickler (PhD student - Gabriel lab)

Romina Vargas-Ayala (PhD student - Grundhoff lab)

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