Heinrich Pette Institute awarded for Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Dr. Frauke Adamla (left) and Heike Hildebrandt (right)
Dr. Frauke Adamla (left) and Heike Hildebrandt (right)

On October 31, 2018, HPI was honored as one of 50 organizations from business, science, administration and associations in Stuttgart-Feuerbach for its future-oriented, successful and sustainable personnel policy.

As one of 29 organizations, the institute was also awarded the with the add-on "Diversity" for exemplary commitment to diversity in the workplace.

The certificate was received by Heike Hildebrandt, HPI's Equal Opportunities Officer, and Dr. Frauke Adamla, Scientific Coordinator at the HPI.

TOTAL E-QUALITY is awarded annually to organizations from business, science and administration as well as associations that successfully implement equal opportunities in their personnel and organizational policies. The award is valid for three years and is the result of an extensive application process.


Picture credit: TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e. V., Sami Radwan/DigitalDesignTeam Radwan/Schmitt GbR.