• tissue culture techniques
    • transfection/infection of mamalian cells
    • transformation reporter gene assays in primary mamalian cells
    • RNA interference (RNAi) technology
    • fluorescence microscopy
    • multicolor flow cytomerty
    • protein/protein nteractions
    • DNA/protein interactions (chromatin immunoprecipitation, ChIP)
    • 2D-gelelektrophoresis/ MALDI-ToF mass spectroscopy
    • expression and purification of recombinant proteins
    • generation and characterization of novel antibodies
    • isolation, identification, high-titer production of viruses
    • phentotypic characterization
    • generation of recombinant  adenoviral vectors/oncolytic viruses
    • quantitative real time PCR
    • FISH (Fluoreszenz in situ hybridisation)
    • generation and transduction of recombinant lentiviral particles
    • humanized mouse models of infection/bone marrow chimeric mice

        Recent Publications

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