Quantitative and Molecular Virology

The associated research group Quantitative and Molecular Virology, headed by Prof. Dr Jens B. Bosse, focuses on analysing the spatio-temporal orchestration of viral morphogenesis in order to understand how protein interaction networks function in a living cell. The aim is to quantitatively dissect complex host-pathogen interactions in the context of individual living cells

Group picture Associated Group Quantitative and Molecular VirologyBosse group 2023 © Gisela Köhler
Tracking of viral particles in neuronal axons (©Jens Bernhard Bosse, Ben Winer and Lynn Enquist)Tracking of viral particles in neuronal axons © Bosse, Winer, Enquist

The aim is to integrate virus-host and virus-virus protein-protein interactions with four-dimensional information from living cells to study the specific functions of essential molecular complexes in space and time in their native environment. To this end, they rely heavily on state-of-the-art live cell imaging and image analysis methods that provide real-time volume information from whole infected cells. In addition, they utilise protein structure predictions of complete viral proteomes and protein-protein interaction networks to identify critical interactions that can be studied in living, infected cells. This approach has the potential to identify bottlenecks in viral productivity that can serve as targets for intervention.

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