Flow Cytometry/FACS

With our flow cytometry / FACS technology platform, we offer interested scientists access to state-of-the-art devices for the fluorescence-based analysis and sorting of cells (FACS = Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting). 

Mitarbeiterin am FACS-Gerät

For smaller scale analysis experiments, a FACS Canto II with up to 8 parameters is available. For multicolor experiments our two LSR Fortessa devices can be used. Both analyzers are equipped with 5 lasers, so that measurements of 18 parameters are simultaneously possible with these devices. In addition, a Cytek Aurora, a spectral flow cytometer of the latest generation, is available - equipped with 3 lasers and 37 parameters.

The analysis equipment can be used independently by the scientists after a training with our specialized staff as well as the recognition of our guidelines.

The operation of our cell sorter is carried out by the staff of our technology platform. Our department has a FACS Aria Fusion with 5 lasers and 18 parameters as well as a FACS Fusion with 4 lasers and 17 parameters. The special feature of the FACS Fusion is the installation site in a laboratory of safety level S3 ** and the equipment with a safety workbench of protection class 2, so that this device allows analysis and cell sorting of infectious material. Both cell sorters offer various options such as the separation of cell suspensions in up to 4 populations, single cell trays in microtiter plates or sorting on slides.

For detailed information on our FACS devices regarding laser equipment, filter configuration, and technical details, see Device Information.