Next Generation Sequencing

The Next Generation Sequencing technology platform provides high throughput sequencing technology and personnel for genetic investigations of complex biological systems and processes.

Mitarbeiterin im Labor

It will facilitate the genetic analysis of complex virus-host interactions that play a role in, for example, the establishment of chronic infections, the adaptation of viruses to new hosts, the development of resistance or the development of virus-dependent cancers. In addition, both known and highly modified or unknown pathogens in clinical samples are to be identified. The technology platform is central to the LIV’s scientific and strategic direction and network with university and non-university partner institutes (UHHUKE) and research associations such as the DZIF and LCI.

For details about the technology platform´s NGS service please click here.

For an overview of the technology platform´s sequencing instruments and their technical specifications, see device information.


Dr. Patrick Blümke

Postdoctoral Fellow

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