Device Information

The technology platform Next-Generation-Sequencing is equipped with state-of-the-art Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencing instruments.

For details about Illumina´s Sequence by Synthesis technology , please visit the company’s web page.


The MiSeq offers small scale sequencing analysis for example for sequencing of viral or bacterial genomes. Moreover, the MiSeq is ideally suited for amplicon sequencing.

Depending on the application, different options with regard to read length and data output are available. For details of these MiSeq specifications visit the Illumina web page.


Generating data on a larger scale, the NextSeq 500 is used for example for RNA and ChIP sequencing, or for sequencing of one human genome per run. Depending on the application, different options regarding read length and amount of data generated are available. Information about the different run configurations for the NextSeq can be found here.


In addition to the Illumina instruments, the technology platform uses Oxford Nanopore´s MinION, a 3rd generation sequencer. Sequencing with the MinION offers the possibility to generate ultra-long read lengths (hundreds of kb), though with less throughput in comparison to Illumina instruments. For detailed information about MinION, please visit Oxford Nanopore´s web page.


Computing infrastructure

The technology platform is equipped with high-performance rack-servers for computational analysis and NAS servers for redundant data storage, archiving  and data exchange with external users.