NGS Services

The NGS technology platform primarily provides internal services to LIV projects, but also supports a number of collaborative scientific projects with external partners. Please contact us if you are interested in performing such a project.

We routinely offer the sequencing protocols listed below. Besides these established standard sequencing methods we are also happy to work with you and establish new or custom protocols in order to answer specific scientific questions.

  • Transcriptome / gene expression analysis (mRNA-Seq)
  • Shotgun Sequenzierung of total RNA (RNA-Seq)
  • Genome sequencing of purified viruses / bacteria as well as metagenome analysis  
  • Epigenetic analysis of DNA methylation (MeDIP-Seq) or DNA-protein interactions (ChIP-Seq) 
  • Analysis of microRNAs and other small RNA molecules
  • PCR amplicon sequencing, e.g. of 16S ribosomal bacterial RNA or T-Cell receptors
  • Targeted sequencing of other genomic sub-regions (for example for identification of viral integration sites)

Once delivered, DNA or RNA samples undergo preparation of individually indexed, sequencing-ready libraries with suitable commercial kits or custom-developed protocols. Upon request, we can also sequence libraries which you have generated yourself. The generated libraries are sequenced on the instrument best suited for the particular application. If desired, we offer detailed bioinformatic analysis of the sequencing data.

Quality controls are performed throughout the entire workflow to ensure successful completion of individual steps. We will immediately contact you if a sample has failed one of these checkpoints (e.g., due to insufficient RNA quality) to discuss further steps.