LIV employees in the laboratory

Training and Education

The promotion and training of junior scientists assumes a central role at the LIV. The institute continues to be a popular educational establishment, barely meeting the demands of qualified candidates for bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Diplom and PhD placements. The LIV is in the favorable position of being able to select applicants from a large pool.

Junior scientists receive training within the structured doctoral program, the LCI Graduate School and the postdoctoral scientist support scheme. In addition, the LIV’s administrative department offers a three year dual training opportunity for office administration, which is carried out in close collaboration with the vocational college.

LIV Institute Seminar

44. LIV Institute Seminar: Characterizing CD4 T cell specific HERV signatures and their role in HIV infection// Modeling flexible protein structure with AlphaFold2 and cross-linking mass spectrometry

Tuesday, 05. December 2023 - 09:30

Maisha Adiba (Lange lab)

Karen Manalasta-Cantos (Topf lab)


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium/ CSSB lecture hall /Zoom

45. LIV Institute Seminar: tba // Adenovirus E1B-55K’s role as a transcriptional regulator during lytic infection

Tuesday, 12. December 2023 - 09:30

Luca Genz (Topf lab)

Laura Seddar (Dobner lab)


Hybrid Seminar: Ferdinand-Bergen-Auditorium/ CSSB lecture hall /Zoom