LCI Program

In addition to its own structured doctoral program (LIV Graduate School), the LIV runs the Leibniz Graduate School Infections in partnership with the Leibniz Center Infection (LCI). Along with an multidisciplinary educational and training program in infectiology, scholarship holders have the opportunity to work on highly topical and significant problems in infection research. 

Initially funded in May 2009 for three years by the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation of the Leibniz Association as part of its competitive procedures, the Graduate School was consolidated in the summer of 2012 by the three LCI institutes (BNI, FZB and LIV), offering two graduate placements per institute. 

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Research projects are selected in a competitive procedure, based on the close scientific cooperation between two LCI institutes in each case and jointly supervised by a scientist from each participating institute. LCI graduate students are integrated into the graduate program of the respective institute. 

LCI Summer School

The LCI Summer School is an annual event organized by the three partner institutes of the Leibniz Center Infection (LIV, FZB and BNITM). It is part of the curriculum within the structured graduate program of the three institutes and offers a platform for professional exchange, networking and the presentation of current research findings.


This year´s Summer School of the Leibniz Center Infection (LCI) will take place at Schneverdingen from May 15 to 17. The event will focus on the topic “Molecular Infectious Diseases Epidemiology”. PhD candidates from the Leibniz Institute of Virology (LIV), the Research Center Borstel (FZB), and the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM) will gather at the Summer School to continue their exchange on the versatile aspects of their research.

Hosted and led by the BNITM, the three-day Summer School will include lectures and workshops by experts in the field. The PhD candidates will get the opportunity to present their research in the frame of talks and poster sessions, and to discuss their projects, latest findings, and methodological approaches in detail with the other participants.


Dr. Skadi Lange

Coordinator LIV Graduate School

Phone: +49 (0) 40 480 51-113

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