Support for postdoctoral scientists

In addition to structuring and assuring the quality of doctoral programs, the LIV sees an increased need for supporting junior scientists upon completion of their doctorate. Postdoctoral researchers receive financial support for two-yearly Soft Skill courses including project management, grant applications or networking for future career opportunities. Financial support is also provided for the invitation of institute seminars speakers by postdocs. 

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The LIV Institute Seminar covers current news and topics in virology. Presentations are given from PhD students as well as postdoctoral researchers on topics in basic viral research or novel antiviral therapies and reflect the two program areas Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Pathogenesis and Innovative Antiviral Therapies. Speakers provide both, a general overview as well as the current state of research. The LIV Tuesday Seminar serves as a teaching experience for PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers, as knowledge exchange platform between PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers and as further training for all members of the institute.

The LIV also supports women PostDoc's applications for the Leibniz Mentoring Program.


Dr. Andrea Pirosu

Postdoc Speaker

Phone: +49 (0)40 48051-227

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Hamburg Research Academy

LIV is associated member of the Hamburg Research Academy (HRA).